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Ivory Coast take on ice bucket challenge helps fight Ebola

Bloggers in the West African country of Ivory Coast are using a "soap bucket challenge" on social media to raise awareness about the deadly Ebola virus, and educate the people on how to avoid infection.

Cosmic proof of comet strike on Earth

A carbon-rich pebble found in the shifting sands of the Libyan Desert brings conclusive evidence of a comet hitting the Earth; the extra-terrestrial fragment also holds promise for exciting research into the very beginnings of our solar system.
All systems go at the SKA

Pantsula: from Soweto to New York

Homegrown street jive pantsula will soon be making its international debut as fledgling dance duo Skeleton Pantsula hits the Big Apple. With agile acrobatics and fancy footwork, the twosome is sure to win appreciative fans.
South African music

Scorpion fossil may be oldest known land animal

A recent discovery near Grahamstown in the Eastern Cape provides evidence that the oldest known land animal lived in the supercontinent Gondwana.
Lifetime award for top scientist

Something is brewing in Linden

The historic suburb of Linden in Johannesburg has become home to South Africa’s first neighbourhood-inspired coffee shop.
Southern Africa’s greenest dairy

Ethnic hair care goes natural

Dynamic entrepreneur Johannah Moriti has established the first cosmetic company in South Africa to manufacture natural chemical-free products that don't alter the structure of ethnic hair.
Cards celebrate SA’s languages

Cards celebrate South Africa’s languages

South African entrepreneur Gildah Tshukutswane has turned her dream of creating African greeting cards in African languages into a successful business.
The Iliad goes local

Entrepreneur builds internet empire

A South African entrepreneur is providing residents from some of the country’s most impoverished areas with an opportunity to learn about computers and access the internet.
Meds on wheels for positive change


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