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Reporter.co.za: the people's news

Reporter.co.za: the people’s news

Citizen reporting has taken off in South Africa with the launch of reporter.co.za, the first website in the country to allow ordinary people to write the news as they see it - news for the people, by the people.
TV channels for local languages

TV channels for local languages

The Independent Communications Authority of South Africa has granted the SABC, the country's public broadcaster, licences for two regional television stations to be broadcast in indigenous languages.
R10m for small media agency

R10m for small media agency

Commercial print and broadcast media in South Africa will pay R10-million over the next five years - backed up by another R7-million from the government - towards developing the country's community newspapers and radio stations.

Funds for small media projects

The Media Development and Diversity Agency has approved more funding for community and small commercial media projects as part of its drive to promote plurality of voices in SA's media.
SA sport's fantastic fans

SA sport’s fantastic fans

For many South Africans, playing, supporting, living, breathing sport is how things are meant to be. And they wouldn't have it any other way.

Presidential Press Corps launched

Working relations between the country’s media houses, political reporters and government is expected to improve following the launch of the Presidential Press Corps.
The press in South Africa

The press in South Africa

The turbulent passage from apartheid to democracy made South Africans remarkably news hungry. Now they're fed by a robust, free and flourishing press, that includes almost 50 major newspapers. Read all about it!

Consumer help: advertising and the media

Offended by an advert or newspaper article? Want to complaint about a radio or television programme, film, video, book, magazine or other publication?


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