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Media freedom is evolving

The murder trial of Oscar Pistorius is setting a precedent when it comes to press coverage of a criminal trial: never before has there been such interest in a court matter in South Africa. That reporters are allowed to live tweet from court, that cameras are allowed to film in the court building are big steps towards a more transparent, freer media.

The up-to-date Practical Guide to Media Law is now available

Replacing the venerable Newspaperman's Guide to the Law, the LexisNexis Practical Guide to Media Law is now the country's most up-to-date guide on how media law is practised in South Africa.

Oscar and the photo of the witness

The trial of Oscar Pistorius is precedent-setting, not least for the amount of international attention it is getting. On a real and practical level, it offers the space for the media and the justice system to redefine the margins of what is, and what is not permissible.


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