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The A to Z of South African culture

South Africa is more than a cultural melting pot, it's a big warm potjie of culture, full of different ingredients and yummy surprises, developing its rich flavour over centuries. Get a taste of cultural alphabet soup from archaeology to Zulu, with a dash of Corne, jukskei, kwaito and quagga on the way.
Mbube: Linda's Lion sleeps at last

Mbube: Linda’s Lion sleeps at last

In 1939 a tall, shy Zulu migrant worker named Solomon Linda stepped up to the microphone and produced Mbube, a song that echoed around the world, becoming Pete Seeger's Wimoweh and the international classic The Lion Sleeps Tonight. Linda was paid a total of 10 shillings for the song, which went on to make US$15-million for others.


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