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Vultures need our help

Vultures are crucial to the ecological cycle; they dispose of carcasses and minimise the spread of diseases. They are also an indicator of the overall health of the ecosystem, but they are threatened by power lines and wind farms, among other signs of modern life.
Tusker research goes social

Help spot Kruger's wild dogs

African wild dogs off to Botswana

A pack of 18 African wild dogs have been moved from Limpopo province's Marakele National Park to the Northern Tuli Game Reserve in Botswana, in an effort to establish a viable population of the endangered animal in the Limpopo Valley.

Bigger, better Marakele Park

A new enlarged Marakele National Park has been launched in Limpopo province as part of SA National Parks' programme to increase South Africa's protected areas to 10% of land mass by 2010. The park is the result of a private-public deal, the first of its kind in the country and a potential model for future biodiversity management in SA.


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