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Limpopo province, South Africa

Limpopo is South Africa's northernmost province, lying within the great curve of the Limpopo River. It is a region of contrasts, from true bushveld country to majestic mountains, primeval indigenous forests, the giant Kruger National Park game reserve - and South Africa's lost city of gold.
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Mapungubwe: South Africa’s lost city of gold

A thousand years ago, Mapungubwe was the centre of the largest kingdom in southern Africa, with a thriving trade in gold and ivory with China, India and Egypt. Discovered in 1932 but kept under wraps by the apartheid government, Mapungubwe is one of SA's eight Unesco World Heritage Sites.

South Africa’s Unesco World Heritage Sites

The oldest visible meteor crater on earth. The island prison that held Nelson Mandela. The remains of an ancient African city state. Evidence of the earliest humans, and the richest and most beautiful collection of cave paintings south of the Sahara. South Africa is home to eight Unesco World Heritage Sites.

Memorial honours Cape slaves

The Prestwich Memorial, built in memory of Cape slaves whose bones were unearthed during construction of an apartment block, houses the first ossuary in the country. It is one of several sites that pay homage to South Africa's ancestors, among whom are slaves and kings.
The meaning of heritage

Orders for the extraordinary

Orders for the extraordinary

Nobel prize winners JM Coetzee and Aaron Klug are among the latest recipients of South Africa's highest awards for achievement - the national orders.
Blown away by Mapungubwe

Mapungubwe National Park

SA's newest national park covers 28 000 hectares at the confluence of the Limpopo and Shashe Rivers, boasts incredible natural and cultural riches, and forms part of an ambitious project to develop a transfrontier conservation area spanning three countries.
Blown away by Mapungubwe

Blown away by Mapungubwe

Lucille Davie pays a visit to the "place of the stone of wisdom", home to South Africa's first kingdom, recently declared a World Heritage Site and now part of South Africa's newest national park - and finds herself unprepared for its historical potency and natural beauty.


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