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Domestic flights in South Africa

South Africa has a number of airlines flying between its major cities, and some of its smaller ones, with fares ranging from first-class to cut-price economy. Flights can be booked online from anywhere in the world.

Africa’s first biofuel flights take off in South Africa

History was made in mid-July. Africa's first sustainable biofuel powered flights successfully flew between Johannesburg and Cape Town.The South African Airways (SAA) and Mango...

Gallery: Operation Hydrate bringing water to dry lands

Operation Hydrate thumb Operation Hydrate is bringing millions of litres of water to the parched regions of drought-stricken South Africa. We take you on a photo tour of the fast-moving NGO in action.

Operation Hydrate pours on water

Operation-Hydrate---ThumbAs the country burns under the scorching sun, South Africans are called on to help Operation Hydrate, which is taking water to the most drought-stricken regions of the country. Everyone can play their part in this critical initiative.

Jet set duet wows crowds

Dance and engineering came together at the 2013 South African Air Force Museum’s annual air show, which saw an unusual collaboration between low-cost airline Mango and South African Mzansi Ballet.
Ninety years on golden wings


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