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Foreign journalists get the inside story

Preconceptions were blown out the water when a group of reporters landed in Johannesburg on their first visit to South Africa. The city – and indeed the country – was not what they had expected. And in turn, they intend on informing their readers back home about their positive experiences.

Pantsula: from Soweto to New York

Homegrown street jive pantsula will soon be making its international debut as fledgling dance duo Skeleton Pantsula hits the Big Apple. With agile acrobatics and fancy footwork, the twosome is sure to win appreciative fans.
South African music

Stopping in Vilakazi Street, Soweto

One of South Africa's most famous streets - the only one in the world to have housed two Nobel Prize winners - has long been a must-see tourist attraction. Now, the Vilakazi Street precinct has become fully visitor-friendly, with public art, memorials and benches picking out its historical sites.

The Mandela Family Museum

Nelson Mandela's humble little house in Orlando West, Soweto, now known as the Mandela Family Museum, is an interesting stopover for those keen to imbibe a slice of authentic history on the world's most famous former prisoner.

The house where Mandela lived

Nelson Mandela moved into 8115 Vilakazi Street in Orlando West, Soweto in 1946. His second wife, Winnie, moved in with him in 1958. He returned there briefly in 1990, saying: "It was only then that I knew in my heart that I had left prison." Restored at a cost of R9-million, the house has re-opened to the public.


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