Tags Maboneng precinct

Tag: Maboneng precinct

Riding on a board of hope

From Australia to Afghanistan, Cambodia, Pakistan and now South Africa – Skateistan is using skateboards to offer a future to at-risk youth, particularly young girls. Skating is the hook used to get to grips with complex social issues facing the youth, such as social inequality, youth unemployment, gender discrimination and poverty.

iwasshot in Joburg: a city in pictures

Inner city images are unfamiliar to Joburg suburbanites, but outreach programme iwasshotin joburg, teaching young people photography skills, is bringing the inner city a little closer to home.

New technology hub for Braamfontein

Johannesburg inner city regeneration gets a boost as a new technology hub, TechinBraam, springs up, bringing remodelled green buildings and new business to the once derelict suburb.


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