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Tag: Maboneng

Maboneng moves to Ghana

Visionary property developer Jonathan Liebmann – who styles himself a true urbanist – is looking for local partners to take his Maboneng model of mixed use urban development to Accra. The Maboneng Precinct in Joburg is building a new way to live in the inner city.

Moad builds a genius space for Africa’s arts

The Museum of African Design is an innovative creation in downtown Joburg that is championing a new model. A gallery without a permanent collection, it "allows an institution that's interested in the contemporary to stay contemporary".

Nestlé’s Chocnology hits Google’s sweet spot

Announcing the launch of KitKat, Google's latest Android operating system, the Chocnology exhibition showcased elaborate 3D printed chocolate sculptures from some of South Africa's most celebrated artists.