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M-Pesa at 10: How Africa become the leader in mobile money

M-Pesa, the world’s largest mobile money network, has enabled millions of Africans to gain access to safe and secure banking solutions. The idea has...

Cheap, clean lighting for Kenya

Mobile technology, pay-as-you-go and the country's abundant sunshine are being harnessed to provide cheap lighting to low income and rural Kenyans, without the risks and pollution associated with the kerosene lamps that were the lighting of necessity until d.light came on to the market.
• Hi-tech shacks for better living

'Mobile money' competition heats up

‘Mobile money’ competition heats up

Competition in South Africa's "mobile money" space is heating up, with Nedbank and mobile operator Vodacom teaming up to launch M-PESA, a solution that enables person-to-person money transfers via mobile phone - even between people without bank accounts.


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