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Got a complaint against your bank? Being ripped off by a loan shark? Protect yourself from unfair practices, find out if your lender is registered, or check up on your credit rating.
UCT in world top 100 subject ranking

SA sets aside R10bn for student loans, bursaries

The National Student Financial Aid Scheme has increased its budget for bursaries and loans for tertiary education by more than R1-billion. The cash will be used for first- time and continuing university students and those at technical and vocational education and training colleges.

South African student loans and bursaries

South Africa is home to many world-class universities and colleges, and you're smart and want to get ahead in life. How are you going to pay for your studies?
South Africa's universities

Students to get help with loan payments

The Department of Higher Education and Training has set aside about R200-million to help students from various universities who have completed their studies but are unable to graduate and get jobs because they have not finished paying off student loans.

‘The poor should not seek loans’

Human rights organisation Black Sash wants the government to remove a section of the proposed National Credit Act that makes it possible for consumers to get a loan without any credit assessment, saying it will expose the poor to abuse by unscrupulous lenders.

Bonds for people with HIV/Aids

Trade and Industry Minister Alec Erwin has announced changes to the Usury Act to protect both banks and borrowers when the latter suffer from incurable diseases and become too ill to repay their loans.


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