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Swimming the Seven Seas to save the world's oceans

Swimming the Seven Seas to save the world’s oceans

Lewis Pugh, ocean advocate and endurance swimmer, set out on Thursday on his "most ambitious expedition yet": to become the first person to undertake a long-distance swim in each of the classical Seven Seas, to highlight the need for protected areas in oceans around the world.

New animal rehab centre for CT

The Cape of Good Hope SPCA opened its first short term wildlife rehabilitation centre in May, and can now offer 24-hour emergency service and short term care, all year long, to animals in need.
New lost and found website for pets

Lewis Pugh

Lewis Pugh, polar swimmer

It was in South Africa, where he moved from England as a boy, that Lewis Pugh began his ocean swimming love affair. Since then he has completed long-distance swims in all five oceans, including the sub-zero waters of the Arctic and Antarctic - wearing nothing but a speedo.


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