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SA-grown social solutions for the UK

Khulisa Social Solutions' out-of-the-box programme on restorative justice has been exported to the UK, and is now part of a package of programmes being successfully implemented by an independent registered charity.

Khulisa reinvents lives

With its set of award-winning programmes, NGO Khulisa is helping to break the cycle of crime and violence in communities, developing skills in young people, and giving rehabilitated former prisoners the tools to start their lives again.
SA’s gallows now instrument of healing

Trailblazer: Lesley Ann van Selm

Trailblazer: Lesley Ann van Selm

In 1997, armed with only her marketing savvy, Lesley Ann van Selm started Khulisa as a pilot programme using African stories as a way of instilling morals among convicted criminals. Eleven years later, Khulisa's programmes are running in 35 prisons across South Africa.


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