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Drought SA: the gateway to managing water scarcity

The South African Water Research Commission has launched a website that teaches people about being water wise. One of the messages is that this includes taking action to solve any water problems, as well as respecting water and all life. You can also work out your water footprint.

New solutions for water conservation

Mayors, councillors ‘must lead war on water leaks’

Mayors and councillors should be at the forefront of the fight against water leakages in South Africa, KwaZulu-Natal Premier Senzo Mchunu said during a visit to KwaMashu Township in Durban on Tuesday as part of the government's War on Water Leaks campaign.
New solutions for water conservation

‘No Drop’: SA to tackle its water leaks

The Department of Water and Environmental Affairs is to publish a new, incentive-based "No Drop" report giving South African municipalities and residents a clear idea of how much water they're using - and how much they're wasting.
New solutions for water conservation

Crowdsourcing to tackle SA water leaks

IBM has invited South Africans to get out their mobile phones and join a 30-day crowdsourcing project to report water leaks and faulty water pipes in their neighbourhoods, and so to play their part in a drive to capture, share and analyze information about the country's water distribution system.


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