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south africa's judiciary constitutional court

The Constitution of South Africa

South Africa's Constitution, built on an acute awareness of the injustices of the country's past, is widely regarded as the most progressive in the world, with a Bill of Rights second to none.

You & your rights

What are your rights? Have they been violated? What can you do if they have? Our directory covers human, gender and language rights, workplace rights, landlord/tenant rights, and your rights in relation to the police and the government.

Anti-harassment law comes into effect

This year's Freedom Day will not only mark 19 years of democracy, it will also see the new Protection from Harassment Act come into effect, enabling South Africans to approach the courts for protection from sexual harassment - including harassment via SMS or e-mail.

South African competition law

While South Africa's economy is predominantly free market-based, competition is controlled. Along the lines of the EU, US and Canadian models, legislation is enforced by competition authorities who act against anti-competitive conduct, restrictive practices and abuses by big firms.
Mass literacy campaign makes strides

Stricter SA law ‘bringing down gun crime’

According to police statistics, gun-related crime in South Africa decreased by 21% between 2004 and 2011. While this reflected a general decrease in crime, evidence suggests that the drop was thanks in part at least to a new law, effective from 2004, that drastically raised the bar for gun ownership in the country.
Africa in the new world order

South African law firm in global alliance

South African law firm Webber Wentzel has signed an agreement to enter a collaborative alliance with global law firm Linklaters, allowing both firms to grow their African footprint.
Call for more access to female condoms

Gender equality draft law approved

The Women Empowerment and Gender Equality Draft Bill, which seeks to enforce public and private sector compliance in matters of gender mainstreaming and equality, has been approved by the Cabinet and published for public comment.

South African consumer rights and protection

Provincial Consumer Affairs Offices countrywide offer you advice and protection. Add to this a range of statutory, industry and other consumer bodies, and you'll never have to accept faulty products or shoddy service.
CT to install energy-saving lights

SA to become electricity-savvy

Empty buildings with all the lights left on and home use of energy-guzzling heating and lighting methods will be a thing of the past if South Africa's new energy saving proposals are enacted.
New law to promote savings

New law to promote savings

South Africa's draft Taxation Laws Amendment Bill reduces personal income tax across the board and helps South Africans to improve their savings in an environment of rising personal debt.


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