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South Africa’s population

South Africa is a nation of diversity, with over 50-million people and a wide variety of cultures, languages and religious beliefs. Find out about our population groups, their distribution across the country's nine provinces, and more.
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South African English is lekker!

South Africans speak English, that doesn't mean you'll always understand us. Our robots are nothing like R2D2, just now doesn't mean immediately, and babbelas is not a shampoo. Tune in with our quick dictionary of SA idiom. It's lekker, bru!

Saving the wisdom of Elders

There are hundreds of dying languages across Africa. In South Africa, there are seven listed as endangered by the Endangered Languages Project. Lost Tongue...

Fast facts: Africa from A to Z

Think you know Africa? Think again. Our continent of 54 countries holds a fascinating range of histories, languages, amazing people, and diverse and complex cultures. From Algeria to Zimbabwe, here's a snapshot of each country on a continent South Africa should know more about.

South Africa in top 20 best places to raise children

Close to 15 000 expats from all over the world took part in an online survey asking in which countries they prefer to raise their children. South Africa was in the overall top 20 family life index.

The people of South Africa

South Africa is a nation of diversity, with nearly 52-million people and a wide variety of cultures, languages and religious beliefs.

new schools for Gauteng

Gauteng makes strides in education

The education department in South Africa's Gauteng province has intensified interventions over the past financial year to address the quality of learning in literacy, languages and mathematics, says Education MEC Barbara Creecy.

Heritage Day to celebrate World Cup

On 24 September 2010, South Africa celebrates its national Heritage Day, which is designed to highlight and promote its cultural expressions and diverse heritage.
A legacy of harmony and pride

UK pupils learn SA languages

UK children are logging on to a phonics scheme to learn African languages, from Afrikaans to isiZulu. The Thrass Phoneme Machine Version 6.1 includes the “interactive” Thrass Calendar Charts computer program, which teaches the basics of South African languages.

Talk 11 languages on your phone

A South African linguistics and IT expert has developed mobile phone software that can translate the country’s 11 official languages into each other – and is now working on a version that will translate the languages of the 32 nations competing in the 2010 Fifa World Cup.


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