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Research conference to find ways to drive the economy

Research conference to find ways to drive the economy

With the theme "Driving South Africa’s Industrial Development Agenda", South Africa is to host its first Economic Research Advisory Network conference in East London later in March to find ways to boost the country's economy.

How to build an inclusive South African economy

Moody's recently downgraded its rating of South Africa's economy, but that should not prevent the country from planning for the long term. The idea of long-term goals rather than a short economic cycle had currency at a debate on building an inclusive economy, where the example of Germany's reunification was also flown.

Forum focuses on active citizenship

A core message of the National Development Plan will form the basis of the South African Competitiveness Forum. Based on the principles of Brand South Africa's Play Your Part, it will call on all citizens to work towards changing the country's reputation and competitiveness.

Special courts key to World Cup success

Crime in SA at 15-year low: index

Crime in South Africa is at its lowest level in 15 years, having dropped by 38% since its peak in the 2002/03 financial year, according to the latest crime index from global analytics company IHS.
Capital expenditure remains robust

Forum to tackle SA competitiveness

Over 200 high-level representatives of government, business, labour, civil society and academia will gather in Midrand on 5 November for the inaugural Competitiveness Forum hosted by Brand South Africa.

A mother’s love

Mentor mothers - HIV-positive mothers - support and empower other women living with the virus to ensure they don't infect their children, particularly during pregnancy, labour, birth and early childhood.

Women’s pay – bridging the gap

Despite undertakings by the government and corporates, South African women on average earn 28.1% less than their male counterparts. The gender pay gap goes back a long way, with women generally confined to lower-paid, less-skilled jobs, or kept back by the glass ceiling.
Educated children help the nation grow

South Africans 'mostly caring

Wildcat strikes hurt the poor: Zuma

Trade union leaders should engage with their members to avert unnecessary labour action, President Jacob Zuma said on Thursday, adding that illegal or "wildcat" strikes were no way to advance the interests of marginalised South Africans.

South Africa’s labour market

South Africa's labour market has undergone a transformation since 1994, with the emphasis on strategies that eliminate past labour inequalities and improve working conditions for all South Africans.
11-million jobs: Zuma calls for teamwork

11-million jobs: Zuma calls for teamwork

South Africa's National Development Plan has set the ambitious target of creating 11-million jobs by 2030, which will require teamwork to get the economy growing at a rate of more than 5% a year, says President Jacob Zuma.


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