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National Development Plan to grow jobs

Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan outlined a job growth-oriented mid-term Budget this week, highlighting the 275 000 new jobs created this year to July, and a public works programme that's created 970 000 work opportunities.
SA is 'Country of the Future'

South Africa’s energy supply

South Africa's strong economic growth, rapid industrialisation and a mass electrification programme led, by early 2008, to demand for power outstripping supply. The multi-faceted plan to correct this includes spending a projected R343- billion over five years to fund a new generation of power stations.

Power sector ripe for innovation

There are huge opportunities for investment and innovation in South Africa’s power sector – so says Dr Steve Lennon, power utility Eskom’s group executive for sustainability.
Power from South Africa’s wind

IFC calls for private fixed investment

Work begins on Kusile power station

Construction has begun on Kusile, the second new coal-fired power station being built as part of Eskom's multi-billion rand expansion, and the first in South Africa to make use of a new technology that removes oxides from exhaust gases.


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