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SANParks sells rhinos to foil poachers

Rhino poachers target Kruger Park

So far this year, 390 rhinos have been poached in South Africa - 290 of which were killed in the Kruger National Park. But Environmental Minister Edna Molewa says that one rhino killed is one too many, and the country is ramping up its war on poachers.

Counting wild dogs in the Kruger

It's time to count just how many cheetahs and African wild dogs there are in the Kruger National Park. Send in your photos to help identify individual animals and you could stand to win cameras, weekends away and wine hampers. 

SANParks teaches conservation

Various initiatives by South African National Parks have education of the youth in mind regarding conservation and the environment. Aligned to this is its corporate social investment thrust.
Vultures need our help

Culinary graduates steak their claim

Located in the Kruger Park, the Singita School of Cooking draws talented young would-be chefs from the surrounding communities and gives them the chance to forge a top career in the hospitality industry.
Chef-training scheme kicks off

Kruger Park: jewel in SA's wildlife crown

Kruger Park: jewel in SA’s wildlife crown

The world-renowned Kruger National Park, South Africa's largest game reserve, offers incomparable game and bird viewing, and accommodation to suit every taste, within a biodiversity hotspot the size of a small country.
Kruger Park: 110 years of conservation

Kruger Park: 110 years of conservation

One of South Africa's most famous tourist attractions, the Kruger National Park, is celebrating 110 years of existence by holding several events over the next three weeks within its borders to highlight the park's status as a world leader in conservation policies and management principles.
DNA coding Kruger Park's plants

DNA coding Kruger Park’s plants

A small group of scientists have launched an ambitious project to use DNA sequencing and genetic barcoding technology to study the plants of South Africa's Kruger National Park, in a bid to identify the elusive genetic "barcode" for the Earth's plant species.
Your Acre of Africa

Emergency call centre for Kruger

The Kruger National Park has introduced an emergency call centre to assist guests and staff with anything from minor problems to emergency situations they may find themselves in.
Up a pole in Kruger Park

Up a pole in Kruger Park

Call him crazy, but Johannesburg businessman Bob Thornley plans to sit on top of a pole next to a water hole in the Kruger National Park for two weeks - and wait for the unexpected to happen - in order to raise money to send underprivileged children to a bush school in SA's most famous game reserve.

R10m for Kruger Park communities

The Kruger National Park is to use a R10-million poverty relief grant to create more jobs, step up its skills training projects, and extend existing social ecology programmes to neighbouring communities.


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