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Small towns in South Africa

Discover small-town South Africa

South Africa is known for its gold and diamonds, but if you want to discover its real gems, head for the small towns and villages that lie just off the beaten the track - the country's heartland.

Brand South Africa calls on citizens for humanitarian support

Brand South Africa sends condolences to those who have lost loved ones in Knysna fires. Johannesburg, Thursday 08 June 2017 –  The Western Cape Province...

Exploring South Africa’s Garden Route

The Garden Route - the name given to the 800km-long stretch of forested, coastal area between Mossel Bay and Port Elizabeth - is one of the brightest stars in South Africa's tourism crown.

Big fests for big beasts

To attract tourists South Africa’s coastal towns have created a range of exciting annual festivals – most dedicated to some kind of animal, such as Knysna’s Oyster Festival and the Simons Town Penguin Festival. But the biggest of the lot is the one with the biggest beast – the Hermanus Whale Festival.

Taking South Africa’s pink route

A beautiful landscape, abundant wildlife, world-class cities, a rich diversity of people, culture and heritage - and the first Bill of Rights in the world to explicitly protect lesbians and gays from discrimination - is fast making South Africa the destination of choice for great gay holidays.
Empowerment paddling in Knysna

Empowerment paddling in Knysna

The Paddle Cruiser, South Africa's only paddle-driven ship - and the Western Cape coastal town of Knysna's newest tourist attraction - is proving a model for black economic empowerment.


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