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African film takes centre stage at Fespaco

African filmmakers and film lovers have gathered in the small city of Ouagadougou in Burkina Faso for Fespaco, the largest Pan-African film festival on the continent, now in its 40th year. MediaClubSouthAfrica.com journalist Khanyi Magubane is there.

Youth leadership award for Natalie

A sleeping beauty discovered

When I recently had to travel to East London, or eMonti as it is popularly known, for a friend’s wedding, I was initially excited at the prospect of leaving the home for a few days, but also panicked at the thought of being bored stiff in a small town where, I had been forewarned, nothing happens, writes Khanyi Magubane.

Better luck next time

Twelve-year-old Themba has a dream. He dreams about making it into his school’s football team. It would be his entry into the world of the sport, and lead him to his other dream, to be just like his hero, South African football legend Lucas Radebe, writes Khanyi Magubane.

Youth leadership award for Natalie

A familiar voice from home

I smile to myself when I think about the fact that in 1980 she, a white South African, and I, a black South African, would have never been able to sit and eat at the same restaurant, never mind receive an invitation to be guests at her table, because the political climate would have surely prevented our paths crossing, writes Khanyi Magubane.


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