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All systems go at the SKA

It’s all systems go at the SKA site in the Northern Cape. There’s a brand new landing strip which will cut down on transport time to and from the site, and a whole host of new buildings going up. And there’s also the MeerKAT.
MeerKAT is under way

MeerKAT is under way

The construction of the 64-dish MeerKAT radio telescope array – a precursor of the multi-billion-rand Square Kilometre Array – has commenced, said science and technology minister Derek Hanekom.
Japan hails SA’s space tech successes

Japan hails South African space tech successes

Among its numerous space science accomplishments, South Africa is host to the Japanese IRSF telescope, a research-quality infrared instrument that’s surveying our galaxy and beyond.
Eye in the sky benefits society

SKA – who gets what

Now that the long wait is over and the co-hosts of the Square Kilometre Array have been announced, South Africa and Australia can get on with the business of building the world’s biggest scientific instrument.
Great astronomy, with or without SKA

Big science coming to Africa

Africa is ready to host the Square Kilometre Array – this is the emphatic message delivered by science and technology minister Naledi Pandor at a media briefing in Johannesburg.
Great astronomy, with or without SKA

Gallery: the KAT-7 radio telescope

Located at the proposed Square Kilometre Array site in the remote Northern Cape province, the seven-dish KAT-7 is the world's first radio telescope array consisting of dishes made of fibreglass, and has already delivered images of the Centaurus A, a galaxy 14-million light years away.
South Africa's SKA bid gets new campaign


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