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AfrikaBurn: a festival of radical self-expression

For one week each year, the savannah of the Karoo is turned into Tankwa Town, a vibrant yet temporary hub of creativity when thousands...

South Africa is the fourth-best country in the world – Conde Nast Traveler

Readers of the prestigious Conde Nast Traveler magazine have rated South Africa as the fourth-best country to visit - ahead of traditional tourist favourites...

Square Kilometre Array book published

The Square Kilometre Array (SKA) global radio telescope project – which includes a first phase site in South Africa – published a book this month on the project's progress. It features photos and analysis from some of the best science, astronomy and engineering minds in the world.

Karoo rocks explain mass extinction

Karoo rocks explain mass extinction

A decades-long study of the rocks in South Africa's Karoo has revealed that a single cataclysmic event on land and sea led to the Permian extinction, when life on Earth nearly came to an end. It happened about 200 million years before the dinosaurs died out, and was more severe.

Why South Africa’s Karoo is a palaeontological wonderland

Two prominent South African scientists explain why the Karoo region provides not only a historical record of biological change over a period of Earth's history but also a means to test theories of evolutionary processes over long stretches of time.

Fracking: 'water

Team to look at potential impact of Karoo shale gas

If shale gas is found in South Africa, it will contribute to energy security, says the science and technology minister in launching an environmental assessment of shale gas development. The study will improve the understanding of the risks and opportunities inherent in the resource.
Karoo succulents flourish in the newly declared Knersvlakte Nature Reserve

Karoo succulents flourish in the newly declared Knersvlakte Nature Reserve

Homing one third of the world’s 10 000 succulent species, 85 500 hectares of the Succulent Karoo region now falls under the protection of the National Environmental Management: Protected Areas Act as the Knersvlakte Nature Reserve.

SKA – who gets what

Now that the long wait is over and the co-hosts of the Square Kilometre Array have been announced, South Africa and Australia can get on with the business of building the world’s biggest scientific instrument.
Great astronomy, with or without SKA

Easter bunny helps riverine cousin

Swiss chocolatier Lindt, with the help of its famous golden Easter bunny, is on an interesting mission to save one of South Africa’s rarest animals - the riverine rabbit, the world's 13th most endangered mammal.
EWT making tracks in conservation

Tracing the origins of humankind

A research project involving a small group of indigenous people from the Karoo region of South Africa, who carry within their DNA a direct link to human ancestors of 100 000 years ago, is providing valuable information on human migratory history.


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