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D’Sa lauded for fight for environmental justice

Nearly three-quarters of South Africa's industry is housed in South Durban. The pollution – and a toxic waste dump – has had a devastating effect on local residents. But the community is fighting back, led by activist Desmond D'Sa and the South Durban Community Environmental Alliance.

Africa remembers Rwanda genocide, and says ‘never again’

Rwandans living in Johannesburg relived the genocide in their country 20 years ago. They told their stories of horror; but the over-riding emotions at the end of the day were those of reconciliation, hope, healing and forgiveness.

Rwanda finds a path out of history of horror

Instead of taking the route of vengeance and punishment, Rwanda has chosen admission, reconciliation and forgiveness. This way, it has missed a "justice of ashes". But to build a stable and prosperous country has required draconian legislation and curtailed personal freedom.

SA names

Courts’ stance on sexual crimes ‘encouraging’

The government's justice, crime prevention and security cluster says it is encouraged by the country's courts, which have demonstrated an aggressive stance in addressing the scourge of sexual violence in South Africa.
Nelson Mandela

46664: global campaign for change

Nelson Mandela - former Robben Island prisoner number 46664 - is the inspiration behind a HIV/Aids awareness and social justice campaign that aims to honour his humanitarian legacy.
Focus on education paying off: Zuma

Africa’s growth promise: ‘equality key’

If African leaders can deliver on jobs, justice and equity, they will turn Africa's population boom into a demographic dividend and ensure that the continent's massive growth promise is fulfilled - if not, they will court disaster, according to the 2012 Africa Progress Report.

‘Befriending the mistakes of the past’

Verne Harris, head of the Nelson Mandela Foundation’s Memory Programme, delivered the 18th Alan Paton Lecture on 5 May 2011, speaking on the topic of Madiba, Memory and the Work of Justice.
'The infinite gardens of Mandela'

The media and open justice

The media and the judiciary are the two pillars supporting South Africa’s constitutional democracy, inextricably connected institutions that, without each other, would be unable to perform their crucial democratic function, writes South African Chief Justice Sandile Ngcobo.
• Reshaping reportage on Africa


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