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Journalists turn to data to make sense of the world

It is a brave new media world, and data is increasingly assuming the throne when it comes to interpreting the world and telling its stories to the public. But South African publishers, squeezed by financial pressures, have taken a backseat compared to other African countries. The tried and tested is easier, says Siyabonga Africa.

SA app wins BlackBerry App of the Year

BlackBerry opens third apps lab in SA

Smartphone and tablet maker BlackBerry has announced the opening of its third BlackBerry apps lab in South Africa, based at the JoziHub mobile and ICT co-creation hub in Johannesburg.
Africa in the new world order

Tech hub to grow African entrepreneurs

A new South African innovation and technology incubator, JoziHub, aims to promote technological development and entrepreneurship by providing training, support, facilities and networks to help people turn their ideas into sustainable businesses.


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