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Tag: Joburg Art Fair

Peju Alatise is the 2017 winner of the FNB Art Prize and will exhibit at the Joburg Art Fair in September 2017.

Nigerian artist wins prestigious South African art prize

Peju Alatise is the 2017 winner of the FNB Art Prize. The Nigerian mixed-medium artist explores strong African narratives with a focus on the...

South African artists draw international interest

South African artists present a unique South African identity to the world, and the high prices many local artists fetch internationally are testament to the growing interest in the calibre of local artists – as well as in that identity.

Art for all at Joburg Art Fair

This year the Joburg Art Fair, a major event on South Africa’s cultural calendar, aims to make art more accessible to the wider public and includes a new and important educational dimension – for both adults and children.


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