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South Africa has a good story to tell

The South African Government’s work to attract foreign direct investment and ensure its even distribution is advancing our national social objectives, according to the findings of a recent study, writes Minister in the Presidency Jeff Radebe.

Online resources to help pupils

Be active citizens, Radebe urges South Africans

Minister in the Presidency Jeff Radebe has called on the country's citizens to engage with their elected representatives ahead of the president's #SONA2015 address next week to ensure that the matters that affect their daily lives are placed on the agenda.

Reconciliation Day: Time to join hands in the spirit of Ubuntu

"Reconciliation requires of us to confront our past and educate fellow South Africans of the past wrongs committed against black people," writes Jeff Radebe, Minister in the Presidency. "A major step towards reconciliation is to acknowledge that apartheid was a crime against humanity."

south africa prisoner rehabilitation

South Africa ‘making progress’ in prisoner rehabilitation

South Africa is making progress in rehabilitating people in prison for committing crimes, and in creating opportunities for members of society to participate in this process, says Justice Minister Jeff Radebe.
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Beefed up courts tackle mine violence

Justice and Constitutional Development Minister Jeff Radebe has beefed up local court capacity to speed up the hearing of cases related to violence on the mines in South Africa's North West province.

Pius Langa: a patient and humble man

Former chief justice of the Constitutional Court, Pius Langa, has died in Johannesburg at the age of 74. In 1994 he was one of the first 11 judges appointed to the ConCourt bench.
ConCourt art tells SA's story

Criminal justice revamp 'under way'

‘Less crime, quicker prosecutions’ in SA

There was a general decrease in crime levels in South Africa in the first quarter of the year, says Justice Minister Jeff Radebe. At the same time, the country's courts are finalising more than twice as many cases involving serious crimes as before.
World Cup 'a lesson in tackling abuse'

‘We cannot continue to tolerate abuse’

Violence against women and children was an attack on South Africa's Bill of Rights and Constitution that could no longer be tolerated, Justice and Constitutional Development Minister Jeff Radebe said at the launch of the 16 Days of Activism campaign in Khayelitsha, Cape Town on Thursday.
Free legal services for the poor

Free legal services for the poor

Indigent people will have access to free legal services when South Africa's Legal Practice Bill comes into effect. The new law also calls for high courts with divisions in all provinces to be set up, and for legal practitioners to provide pro bono services in rural areas.

African Diaspora Summit

Minister of Justice and Constitutional Development Honourable Jeff Radebe share what he hopes to be the outcome of the Global Diaspora Summit 2012 taking place in Sandton City, Johannesburg. He also relays what Africa Day 25th May means to him.


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