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African musicians mine a rich vein of history

African musicians of today are more than just singers banging out a beat for people to dance. They tackle pressing issues using ancient musical traditions, keeping alive the spirit of West Africa's griots. They too are the oral story-tellers and poets who have always been the continent's historians and commentators.

Constitution Hill is a window on a brutal past

Sitting astride a ridge on the northern edge of Joburg's inner city, Constitution Hill is a symbol of how far South Africa has come. Once a notorious prison filled with anti-apartheid activists, it is now the seat of the highest court in the land, where freedom, democracy and justice are defended.

Help for tiniest prisoners

When pregnant women are sentenced to jail, they have their babies in prison. Their children remain with them until they are two. Babies Behind Bars works to help these innocent beings get the best start possible.

New freedom for Women's Jail

New freedom for Women’s Jail

The Women's Jail in Johannesburg has gone to Sao Paulo in Brazil . in the form of Utopia Nowhere Close, an exhibition of contemporary architecture. The jail, which once housed political prisoners, has undergone major restorations and architectural additions to reflect its new function as a centre for human rights in post-apartheid South Africa.


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