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South African women making progress

sa-women---thumbTwenty years after South Africa celebrated its first National Women's Day, women have risen to be major players in the public sector and academia.

BRICS leaders

South Africa benefits from Brics membership

South Africa has benefited from its membership of the Brics group, says President Zuma. Trade has surged 70% to R382m. And it has had a knock-on effect for the rest of the continent. Africa has doubled its trade with Brics member nations, which is expected to reach $500bn this year.
Jacob Zuma in Durban

South Africa acts against xenophobia

"No grievance can ever justify the cold-blooded murder of fellow human beings, the destruction of property, or the displacement of hundreds of people - including women and small children," says President Jacob Zuma, who has set up a ministerial task team to help stop the attacks against foreign nationals in Durban and Johannesburg.
We will move forward

We will move forward, Zuma tells SA

President Jacob Zuma delivered the State of the Nation address in Parliament on Thursday night, declaring that, while the country faced some challenges, the government had an ambitious nine- point plan in place to ignite growth and create jobs.

Africa dismantling trade barriers

African countries are collaborating to remove barriers to inter-country trade on the continent, President Jacob Zuma says on the sidelines of WEF. Allowing investors to move freely across borders is necessary for business to flourish, and red tape preventing this is being cut by governments.

A plan to move South Africa forward

On the eve of the World Economic Forum at Davos, South Africa grapples with three challenges in building an equal society: high unemployment, poverty and inequality. A way forward is in infrastructure investment, considered the most direct way to creating skilled, high-paying jobs.

Showcasing South Africa at Davos

South Africa to showcase its success at Davos

President Jacob Zuma will be heading up the high-level South African delegation of cabinet ministers and business leaders attending the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, from 21 to 24 January, the Presidency said on Wednesday.

End of year statement by President Jacob Zuma

Read South African President Jacob Zuma’s statement to mark the end of 2014.

South Africa to focus on growing its economy

South Africa to focus on growing its economy

This October South Africa’s President Jacob Zuma aims to focus on the country’s economic growth, to meet the 5% target he set at his State of the Nation address in June this year.
President Jacob Zuma

New body to regulate South Africa’s legal practitioners

Legislation that allows for the establishment of the South African Legal Practice Council ​has been passed by President Jacob Zuma. The council aims to protect and inform the public, while also ensuring a transformed and independent legal profession.


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