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Forensics can stop illegal trade of ivory

At CITES CoP17 in Johannesburg, scientists and investigators showed how they were using forensics to fight illegal ivory trade and poaching of Africa’s elephants. African...

DNA detective work could end poaching

The work by a team of scientists could mark the beginning of the end of elephant poaching. Using DNA from dung and seized ivory, they were able to locate and isolate poaching hotspots in Africa to two main regions.

Royal boost for conservation in Africa

In a move away from his army career, Britain's Prince Harry is spending three months in southern Africa, where he will learn about poaching and the measures put in place to increase the conservation of threatened animals such as rhino and elephant.

Elephants get their day

World Elephant Day, 12 August, aims to raise awareness of the dangers faced by the gentle giants of the wild and to support initiatives that protect them. Their numbers in Africa are down from a million in 1980 to less than 400 000 today.
Tusker research goes social

South Africa's wildlife wonders

Conservation body approves ivory sale

The Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species has allowed South Africa, Botswana, Namibia and Zimbabwe to have a once-off ivory sale - with South Africa poised to sell over 50 000kg of ivory to buyers in China and Japan in a closely monitored process.
Limpopo goes the Ivory Route

Limpopo goes the Ivory Route

Limpopo province is encouraging villagers and township dwellers who live along the African Ivory Route to discover the province's rich natural and cultural heritage sites, in a move aimed at getting local communities involved in tourism.


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