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Bumble Books named Africa's best children's publishers

Bumble Books named Africa’s best children’s publishers

Bumble Books, an imprint of the South African company Publishing Print Matters based in Noordhoek, Cape Town, has been named the Best Children's Publishers 2016: Africa Region at the Bologna Children's Book Fair held in Italy.

South African swims in Italy for local charity

Italy swim thumbCarina Bruwer of Sterling EQ is on a mission through Swim For Hope to raise R600 000 to make December, especially Christmas, bearable for children with cancer. Recently, she swam 21km in Italy and earned R20 000 for the Little Fighters Cancer Trust.

Italy looks to South Africa for opportunity

Italy looks to South Africa for opportunity

If you want to be serious about Africa, do your homework, Alec Erwin, South Africa's former trade and industry minister, reportedly told a gathering of more than 100 top chief executives, economists and political leaders from South Africa and Italy, gathered in Cape Town to discuss investment opportunities.
2010: a home match for every team

2010: a home match for every team

As a country made up of diverse cultures and nationalities, South Africa is a vibrant and colourful mix and, with the 2010 Fifa World Cup only a few months away, this will become even more apparent as team colours from around the world are brought out for the 2010 party.

Viva l’Italia!

It was not until an American friend pointed it out to me that I realised that South Africans are obsessed with Italy and all things Italian. Why is it, asked the friend during a visit to South Africa last year, that everything that is meant to be something in South Africa has either an Italian name or Italian as an adjective? writes Jacob Dlamini.

Final bow for Miriam Makeba

The final chapter on the life of singer Miriam Makeba has ended in Italy – poignantly, the place where her foray into international stardom began.

Selling Thabo's Antiques to Italy

Selling Thabo’s Antiques to Italy

KZN antique dealer Thabo Mhlongo has signed a R230-million deal with top Italian-based furniture maker Fratelli Costantini to produce quality furniture for the international market.


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