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Tag: International Mathematics Olympiad

Brightest young maths minds shine at Cape Town Olympiad

Two days, six questions, tough challenges. The International Mathematical Olympiad, regarded as the most difficult but prestigious of the Olympiads, was hosted in South Africa for the first time, and the country did well against the world's best, earning a medal and several honourable mentions.

Cape Town hosts world’s biggest maths Olympiad yet

Some 600 students from schools across the world are in Cape Town for two days of rigorous tests during the 55th International Mathematics Olympiad, the biggest in its history and the first to be hosted in Africa.

Olympics of maths coming to SA

World-class high-school maths is coming to Africa, with South Africa chosen to host the prestigious International Mathematical Olympiad in 2014 – the first time this 55-year-old competition, the oldest of all science olympiads, will be held on African soil.
Maths, science teaching gets boost


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