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South Africa launches first MeerKAT antenna

Max Planck Institute invests in MeerKAT

The German institute is pouring R150-million into building and installing radio receivers on the MeerKAT radio telescope. The project, it says, will grant its scientists access to a world-class facility and its unique unrestricted view on our galaxy, and will boost MeerKAT's scientific potential even further.

Corruption Watch welcomed

The fight against corruption got some heavy artillery today with the launch of Corruption Watch, an independent civil society institute formed to enable South Africans to report and confront corrupt activity in both the public and private sectors.
SA toughens fight against crime

Female ICT pioneers visit the US

The Maxum Business Incubator at Africa’s first internationally accredited science park, the Innovation Hub, will soon be sending twelve female South African ICT entrepreneurs to the United States to attend a development course at an American technology institute.

Mai Mai: muti capital of Jo'burg

Institute for traditional medicines

South Africa has set up a medical research unit to evaluate the safety and effectiveness of traditional African medicines, to develop new remedies for chronic conditions, to safeguard indigenous knowledge, and to provide consumer information and protection.


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