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South Africa tots up population wins

South Africa tots up population wins

HIV infections are down, life expectancy is up; more people are living longer and infant mortality is declining. Statistics South Africa released its mid-year population estimates report, adding its weight to figures from UNAids that the country is making strides against HIV and Aids.
World Aids Day: SA 'on the right path'

World Aids Day: SA ‘on the right path’

The journey towards an Aids-free world has begun and South Africa is on the right path, Deputy President Kgalema Motlanthe said at an event marking World Aids Day in Potchefstroom, North West province on Saturday.
HIV/Aids: things we should know

South Africa’s Aids action plan

South Africa is finalising an ambitious plan to spend as much as R44.9-billion on halving the rate of new HIV infections in the country by 2011 and providing treatment, care and support to at least 80% of people living with HIV/Aids and their families.

South Africans ‘more STI savvy’

South Africans are increasingly aware of the dangers of sexually transmitted infections and the need to inform their partners and seek treatment when infected, says the Department of Health.


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