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Popular baby names in South Africa

Decrease in infant mortality in South Africa

There has been a drop in the infant mortality rate in South Africa, according to the Institute of Race Relations. It has found that with the roll out social grants, the rise in immunisations and the decrease in severe child malnutrition, more babies and children under a year old are surviving.

Hollard commits to South African children

Hollard thumbThrough its foundation, the Hollard group has helped to set up paediatric theatres in Eastern Cape that are helping to save the lives of sick children. It has also committed funds and resources to other early childhood development initiatives in other parts of the country.

Ambulances just for pregnant women

The North West province has stepped in to curb maternal and infant mortality, thanks to the establishment of maternity waiting homes and a new fleet of 10 obstetric ambulances.
Mama puts power in mom’s hands


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