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South Africa invests in black industrialists

The government is positive about a R100-million programme to grow the number of black industrialists. The programme was launched because BEE transformation had been slow.

BHP Billiton invests in SA beneficiation

Beneficiation ‘an opportunity for BRICS’

Beneficiation is a more effective way of building revenue than raising taxation, and BRICS countries should develop their own industries instead of simply handing over their wealth, industry leaders said at the fifth BRICS summit in Durban on Tuesday.
'Unprecedented' interest in Africa news

African trade ‘requires infrastructure’

The time has come for "concrete action" to develop Africa's infrastructure in order to raise the level of intra-African trade, South African President Jacob Zuma tells a Nepad Infrastructure Experts meeting in Pretoria.

Africa’s carbon-trading potential

Delegates at the first all-African carbon forum in Dakar, Senegal, agreed the continent's entrepreneurs need cash to break into the expanding international carbon emissions trading market.


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