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South Africa: open for business

South Africa has enormous potential as an investment destination, offering a unique combination of highly developed first world economic infrastructure with a vibrant emerging market economy.
South Africa launches new industrial policy

South Africa launches new industrial policy

Trade and Industry Minister Rob Davies has launched the seventh iteration of the government's Industrial Policy Action Plan. A focus of the annual strategy this year is establishing the Black Industrialists Development Programme over the coming year.

Amended legislation to ease doing business in South Africa

Amendments to the National Environmental Management and the Mineral and Petroleum Development Acts will soon see a smoother process to licensing in the mining sector, improving the climate for investment in the country.

Plan to boost local industry

Manufacturing has the potential to cut unemployment and boost economies. It is key to growth in Southern Africa, and is a priority of the Industrial Policy Action Plan, which also has a focus on regional co-operation.
SA businesses honoured

South Africa’s industrial policy plan approved

The Cabinet has approved the 2013-2015 Industrial Policy Action Plan outlining government initiatives to accelerate the industrialisation of the South African economy.


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