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A Thousand Tales of Johannesburg, a city like no other

The spell-binding new novel by South African playwright and author Harry Kalmer, A Thousand Tales of Johannesburg, describes Africa’s greatest city as a living, breathing...

Immigrating to South Africa

Considering immigrating to and settling in South Africa? Find out about immigration categories, requirements and application procedures, and get the answers to some frequently asked questions.

Brand South Africa up in the rankings

South Africa moved up one spot to 36th out of 50 countries measured in the latest release of the prestigious Anholt-GfK Roper Nation Brand Index, confirming the steady improvement in the country's brand reputation.

South African immigration laws to be tweaked

South Africa is planning to review its immigration laws to make it easier for eligible foreign nationals to enter the country.
Govt launches massive ID drive

SA sets up shop in Africa

New immigration law to draw skills

South Africa's new immigration regulations are designed to attract the foreign skills and investment needed for economic growth. They also reflect SA's commitment to human rights and the security of those living within the country's borders.
SA sets up shop in Africa

SA revamps immigration services

South Africa has launched a specialist immigration branch in order to offer a professional, world-class service to the growing number of foreigners visiting the country.


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