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Volunteers to package 822 000 meals on Mandela Day

A record number of 6 000-plus volunteers will package 822 000 meals - enough to feed over 6 000 pre-school learners for a year - in a single day during a Stop Hunger Now Southern Africa event.

Partners team up to feed the future

Thousands of children go to school without breakfast. They are lethargic and cannot concentrate. This makes teaching and learning impossible, trapping them in poverty. Alongside government feeding schemes, the private sector has initiatives to put food in every child's stomach.

A story of feeding hunger

A hungry young child sparked action for two men in Joburg. They founded Feed a Family, which works to supply meals and other necessities to an impoverished shack settlement on the eastern fringes of the city of gold.

Many hungry mouths to feed

A vast number of children go to school hungry every day – and often there is no food when they go home either. The Peninsula School Feeding Association knows a hungry child cannot learn, and works in over a hundred schools to give children two meals a day.

Play Your Part, walk a Mile for a Meal

Play your part by joining the Blisters for Bread fun walk in Cape Town on 25 August and help provide meals for underprivileged school children across the Western Cape.

Tackling poverty: investing in agriculture

Access to food in SA improves: report

South African households' vulnerability to hunger has declined in the past 10 years, from 23.8% in 2002 to 11.5% in 2011, Statistics South Africa reports in its latest General Household Survey.

Fighting hunger on wheels

Meals on Wheels is a non-profit organisation that has fed the hungry and restored the dignity of poor communities around South Africa for 70 years, relying solely on donations from the public for their work.
Embrace tattoos to fight cancer

Use land to fight hunger

Use land to fight hunger, poverty: Zuma

President Jacob Zuma, speaking during the hand-over of tractors and cattle to local community projects in Butterworth in the Eastern Cape, encouraged South Africans to use land more effectively to fight hunger and poverty.

Tiger Brands CSI

South Africa is a nation united in action. Tiger Brands has put the full weight of its brands behind the fight against hunger. Click arrow to play video.

‘Miracle’ rice fights African hunger

West African scientists have developed a new “miracle” hybrid rice that combines the high yield of Asian rice with the hardiness of African varieties, promising to reduce hunger and boost economic development in the region.


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