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Human rights

The South African Human Rights Commission

The South African Human Rights Commission, a national institution established to entrench constitutional democracy, promotes respect for and protection of human rights for all people without fear or favour.

One Young World Summit hits Joburg

Youngsters passionate about world issues have arrived in Sandton, Johannesburg, to bring fresh perspective to the challenges facing their respective countries. They were joined by world leaders offering support and praise for youth participation in tackling global issues.
SA is getting plenty right

ConCourt art tells South Africa’s story

South Africa's Constitutional Court is home to one of the country's most talked about art collections, but here you'll find more than just pretty pictures on a wall, because each piece tells a story of South Africa's history.
Judge Sachs honoured in NY

What a Wonderful World

Anant Singh's human rights video depicting abuses world-wide, this video was used as a scene setter at the World Economic Forum in Davos. Click arrow to play video.

Video: What human rights mean to you

Video: What human rights mean to you

South Africans celebrated Human Rights Day on 21 March. Zoopy TV hit the streets to ask ordinary South Africans what they think about human rights.
South Africa: say 'No' to racism

South Africa: say ‘No’ to racism

While South Africa has laid a firm foundation for achieving a society based on equality, recent events have shown that "we dare not relax". So says filmmaker Anant Singh, who presented a video on human rights abuses worldwide at the recent World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. Link to the video here.

Say NO to racism

“As we reflect on what the Human Rights Day mean to this country, all South Africans must say NO to racism in whatever form. Events over the last few weeks have focused the attention of South Africans on the fact that racism did not disappear with liberation.”

So says Anant Singh, renowned South African filmmaker and a Board Member of the International Marketing Council (IMC) of SA.


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