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Huawei and the DTPS take students to China

Huawei and the Department of Telecommunications and Postal Services are sending a second batch of 10 South African students on a two-week study and...

A boost for engineering skills

Nearly half-a-million rand has been awarded in bursaries to 15 engineering students by telecommunications company Huawei. It’s part of a plan to deepen the pool of potential workers in the sector.
Education in South Africa

ICT lab brings skills to disabled children

A partnership between Huawei and Khulisani has led to expanded options offered to disabled children. The companies have set up a mobile computer laboratory that travels to schools where disabled children are taught new skills.

Huawei, Khulisani bring ICT skills to the disabled

Huawei South Africa has partnered with Khulisani to launch a mbile ICT training centre project to provide computer skills training to schools for underprivileged, disabled children in south Gauteng.


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