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Brand South Africa plays its part for Mandela Day

South African family gets house for Mandela Day

A destitute family has a roof over their heads - after having to rebuild their shack twice when it was destroyed by fire - thanks to the kindness of Masikhule Projects. The developer built the five-room house for the Mokgothu family to mark Mandela Day.
Gauteng plans Mega Projects to house people

Gauteng plans Mega Projects to house people

Radical transformation and spatial planning is on the cards for Gauteng over the next decade, guided by the provincial Mega Projects plan. It will work with the private sector and municipalities to deliver huge developments complete with schools, parks, health facilities, infrastructure and light industry.

Mandela left his mark on many homes

Born in a small village in Transkei, Nelson Mandela moved to Johannesburg as a young man. He called several places home over the years, from a backyard shack in Alexandra to an upmarket house in well-heeled Houghton. In his retirement, he divided his time between the city and his rural retreat in Qunu.

DNA coding Kruger Park's plants

Pod may be a housing game changer

An insulated, easily erected single-room structure, built using green principles, is a new take on the traditional shacks dotting the landscape of South Africa’s informal settlements. The Pod is a prototype for a low-cost, off-the-grid housing solution.
Drive to help clear housing backlog
Gandhi and the house of peace

Gandhi and the house of peace

The house in South Africa where Gandhi developed the concept of satyagraha a century ago is being restored, expanded and transformed into a unique B&B - a haven of peace in a busy Johannesburg suburb.
Video: 2010

Video: 2010, and a new rental record

The word is out! A Clifton, Cape Town home-owner has rented out their house for the duration of the 2010 Fifa World Cup for US$1-million - a new South African record. Zoopy TV visits the house to chat with Clinton Braude of Ronnie Matthews Estates.

A walk on vibey Vilakazi Street

Home to two Nobel Peace prize winners, vibrant restaurants with sumptuous food, a TV station, museum and spa, Vilakazi Street in Soweto is a must for any visitor to South Africa.

Owl House: recluse’s masterpiece

In the remote Karoo village of Nieu Bethesda is a fascinating world of concrete sculpture, fantastic figures and mythical beasts set around a house decorated with luminous paint and multicoloured panes of glass.

Property good for the long haul?

Property good for the long haul?

SA house prices are going through the roof - so much so that a major bank has revised its definition of a middle-class home. Experts are divided over whether the boom is a bubble about to burst, or holds the potential for sustainable growth.


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