African Children’s Feeding Scheme nurtures families

Providing just one meal a day makes an enormous difference in the lives of children who rarely eat every day; the African Children's Feeding Scheme now goes further, helping communities grow affordable food and start small businesses.

Nelson Mandela: a life in service

Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela eventually rose to prominence as SA's first black president; in his later years, he became a prominent global statesman. This week, the world mourns his passing with tributes, tears and gratitude for his lifelong fight against all forms of discrimination.

Soccer changes HIV perceptions among South African youth

Whizz thumb WhizzKids United uses South Africans' love for soccer to bolster young people's confidence in dealing with HIV/Aids. The project aims to help the youth prevent the disease spreading, halting its devastating effects on their lives and communities.

SA scientist uncovers cosmic crash

Bala is goodwill ambassador

South African R&B star Loyiso Bala is using his talent to champion good causes. Already a Mandela 46664 ambassador, the singer has been appointed South African UNAids Goodwill Ambassador, a job in which he will help fight violence against women and discrimination against people with HIV and Aids.

Nelson Mandela

46664: global campaign for change

Nelson Mandela - former Robben Island prisoner number 46664 - is the inspiration behind a HIV/Aids awareness and social justice campaign that aims to honour his humanitarian legacy.

AID My Journey-Support

Cindy Pivacic is a speaker and an information, education and communication facilitator living positively with HIV since November 2004. She offers counselling and support services, and tries to alleviate the stigma attached to HIV.

100 woman clean the Jukskie river

Francina Rammabi of Shoman Sebenzani Development Initiative is a remarkable woman who has contributed to her community in the areas of HIV/Aids care, education and environmental preservation.

Acting on Uganda’s anti-Aids progress

Uganda, once the pioneer in Africa’s fight against HIV/Aids, is re-focusing its efforts against the epidemic. An NGO with roots in theatre development is getting people to learn about the disease from their own community members, through creative expression.
Keeping the story of HIV alive in SA

Aids: world 'must not back down now'

Aids: world ‘must not back down now’

Despite the progress made in combating HIV/Aids, the world could not now afford to become complacent; decisive action, underpinned by global solidarity, was needed to turn the tide on the epidemic, South African Deputy President Kgalema Motlanthe told the Aids 2012 conference in Washington, DC on Sunday.

Breathing new life into Hillbrow

Johannesburg’s inner city suburb of Hillbrow has become home to a new world class maternal and child health facility. The Shandukani Centre, one of the largest non-hospital based clinics in Southern Africa, will provide expert healthcare and treatment to vulnerable women and children, right on their doorstep.
SA’s second health train rolls out


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