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Heal the Hood turns to music to bring change

chiladiddo---thumbUsing the trappings of hip-hop – music, dance, poetry, graffiti – Heal the Hood encourages young South Africans to find a life outside the drugs, crime and gangs that stalk the streets of their cities and suburbs. And its longevity is testament to its success.

Voodoo Funk: Ambassador of Afrobeat

That funky Afrobeat is what gets Frank Gossner up in the morning. It is what kept him in Africa for several years, and it is what brings him back frequently. The German DJ is hunting down rare African blues, disco and funk records, and bringing them to an appreciative global audience.

Under candle light, stories we wrote

I am a passionate youth who always wants to see his community acknowledge the dreams and talent children have. I am part of a positive youth movement called 412 Movement, which was started last July.


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