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Urban organic agriculture in downtown Joburg

Abandoned bowling greens in the old, run-down suburb of Bertrams in central Johannesburg are sprouting new life with the Bambanani Food and Herb Garden, a certified organic produce initiative, run by volunteers, that helps feed poor people in the inner city.

Traditional healers from the inside

While becoming a traditional healer himself, Tshepo Phologane decided to document his journey and that of other contemporary healers using his camera. The result is an exhibition called The Truth.
• Sangomas join the rhino force

Mai Mai: muti capital of Jo'burg

Mai Mai: muti capital of Jo’burg

Tired of the traditional drug approach? Try the Mai Mai Market in downtown Johannesburg. There's over 170 stalls dedicated to traditional African medicine or "muti", with herbalists and healers of every description - as well as a range of traditional clothing and artefacts.


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