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One way to build a nation

Using ex-cons to tell their stories, teach the youth and build up their own lives while doing so, benefits many people. Aga Sechaba Community Projects is charting a positive course for people who would otherwise fall through the cracks.

Every drop counts

The Robin Hood Foundation focuses its efforts on orphans, pregnant women and grandparents. It helps these groups with items like food and basic necessities, and finds many ways to make a difference to poor communities.

Youth urged to build better future

President's Award participants of today would be in their early 30s when the National Development Plan was implemented in 2030. They would be in the prime of their careers then, and that's exactly why they needed to start owning this plan now, teens were told at an outreach dialogue.
Implement NDP in everything you do

Gauteng celebrates carnival culture

The Joburg suburb of Yeoville, once home to an arty, student crowd, is now filled with immigrants and refugees from across Africa. It is a vibrant melting pot of African culture, and the perfect venue for the Gauteng Children’s Carnival.
Educated children help the nation grow

Implement NDP in everything you do

For the youth to build a better South Africa, they should take to heart the National Development Plan's ideals. It should echo in everything they do, says Trevor Manuel, minister in the Presidency. Members of The President’s Award are already doing just that.
To SA youth: ‘make NDP yours’

Nisaa helps women at risk

Disadvantaged women who are abused – particularly by their partners – can get assistance through the Nisaa Institute for Women’s Development, which offers public awareness and advocacy, training and counselling, among other services.

Write with a heart

The skill of writing is learned and needs to be practised. But in many households, pens are not always available. Through its Change a Future campaign, a stationery company is getting school necessities to children.

Many hungry mouths to feed

A vast number of children go to school hungry every day – and often there is no food when they go home either. The Peninsula School Feeding Association knows a hungry child cannot learn, and works in over a hundred schools to give children two meals a day.

Help for tiniest prisoners

When pregnant women are sentenced to jail, they have their babies in prison. Their children remain with them until they are two. Babies Behind Bars works to help these innocent beings get the best start possible.

Foundation helps disadvantaged artists

After turning his own life around, Brian Wells, now a celebrated author, librarian consultant, trainer, and motivational speaker, is using his experience to help other lovers of the arts do the same and achieve their dreams.


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