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Universal healthcare for SA?

The South African government is planning the rollout of universal health coverage in the country, in line with the Bill of Rights provision that “everyone has the right to have access to healthcare services, including reproductive healthcare”.

No major policy changes: Zuma

‘We mean business’: President Zuma

Education, healthcare, rural development, the fight against crime, and creating decent jobs will be the priorities of South Africa's new government, says President-elect Jacob Zuma, who aims to have his new Cabinet in office in a matter of days so "we can get down to business".

An open solution to healthcare

A group of musicians, among them Grammy-winning singer Youssou N'Dour and South African-born producer Gavin Hardkiss, have created an album to raise funds for wider distribution of open source software among health workers in Africa.

The state of the nation

Statistics South Africa, the country’s national statistics board, has released the results of its annual general household survey, which reports on living conditions in South African homes and quality of service delivery in certain key sectors.

South Africans are “keeping the promise” on World Aids Day

World Aids Day calls on people around the world to honour all HIV infected persons and people living with Aids for their courage and determination to live their lives to the fullest and continue to face all challenges head-on.

In South Africa, World Aids Day presents a unique opportunity for Government, civil society, faith-based, non-governmental (NGOs), and community-based organisations to reflect on achievements and goals reached during the course of the year.

Charter to improve healthcare

Charter to improve healthcare

The government has introduced a draft health charter aimed at improving healthcare and raising black economic empowerment in the sector. The state currently spends R33.2-billion on healthcare for 38-million people, while private healthcare costs R43-billion for 7-million people.
Beaming education to the nation

Beaming education to the nation

Mindset Network, a new R225-million multimedia satellite television network, was presented as an 85th birthday "gift" to Nelson Mandela. Mindset uses an integrated multimedia approach to tackle South Africa's key educational and healthcare challenges - issues that are closest to Mandela's heart.


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