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Black Sash making its mark for 60 years

For more than half-a-century, the Black Sash has been helping people in tangible concrete ways realise their human rights. Formed in response to the discrimination practised by the apartheid government, today it still works to assist the downtrodden.

SA scientists win AU awards

South Africa and US collaborate on medical research

Medical research grants worth $8-million in first-year funding have been awarded by the National Institutes of Health and the South African Medical Research Council. They will target research into HIV and Aids, TB and cancers at eight South African institutions.
South Africa grants Canadian company mining licence

South Africa grants Canadian company mining licence

Ivanhoe Mines will resume mining operations at its Platreef Project in Mokopane after South Africa’s Department of Mineral Resources granted the Canadian mining company a licence to operate.
Life gets better for South Africans

State social grants and self-reliance

Pilot projects to encourage self-reliance among social grant beneficiaries have been set up in some provinces, President Jacob Zuma said in his reply to the State of the Nation debate.


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