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Tag: global warming

Cities combat climate change

South Africa's biggest cities are putting in place plans to combat climate change, from mass transit systems to using methane from landfills for energy. They understand the need to work towards a low carbon future, and for this are in the running to be named Global Earth Hour Capital.
· SA’s sustainable transport bid

Climate Change affects us all

Johannesburg, November 2011. Africa’s youth added valuable input into the fight against global warming as part of the Generation Earth: Climate Change Youth Summit which took place at Thaba Ba Tswana on October 25.

Greenpeace opens SA office

Climate talks: the road to Durban

African negotiators pronounced themselves cautiously encouraged by the results of last year's climate change talks in Cancun, Mexico, but the world is still far away from a final agreement. Much will depend on this year's meeting in South Africa, writes Michael Fleshman.

Climate park to cool off animals

With global warming is set to have a grave impact on South Africa's wildlife in particular, a new addition to the arid Namaqua National Park will help animals keep their cool, and preserve delicate ecosystems.


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